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For people who like making movies

Open Meeting on Youtube and Zoom.  

Monday 15th March, 7.30pm

Animation Competition for the

Richardson Trophy Certificate

To watch the films

click HERE

The films will be available to view from 10am on Friday 12th March

Voting will open at 10am on Friday 12th March until 10pm Sunday 14th March

Total run time is approximately

75 minutes

Films :-

1.    A Giant Idea

2.    Blockhead

3.    Mary Rose - the true story

4.    Claymation

5.    They are here

6.    May the farce be with you

7.    Let there be light

8.    The Questioning Room

9.    Disguise Kits

10.  Sports Day

11.  Batman meets an unfortunate end

12.  Trigger Town

To Vote click HERE  

To join the meeting on Zoom at 7.30pm click the link which will appear HERE on Monday 15th March

Non-members are welcome to join the meeting when the

results will be announced

If you have submitted a film which is not listed please contact

You can vote for up to three films.

To join the Zoom meeting click HERE