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For people who like making movies

Colour and canvas
Nature’s glory
The pay off

Gloucester Inter Club Film Competition


1967 Cotswold Cine Club

1968 Vale Cine Club

1969 Cotswold Cine Club

1970 Vale Cine Club

1971 Cheltenham Cine Society

1972 Cotswold Cine Club

1973 Cotswold Cine Club

1974 No competition

1975 Vale Cine Club

1976 Gloucester Cine Club

1977 Dowty Cine Society

1978 Gloucester Cine Club

1979 Tewkesbury Cine Club

1980 Cotswold Cine Club

1981 Cotswold Cine Club

1982 Tewkesbury Cine Club

1983 Dowty Cine Society

1984 Cotswold Cine Club

1985 Vale Cine Club

1986 Cotswold Cine Club

1987 Vale Cine Club

1988 Gloucester Cine Club

1989 Arrow Cine Club

1990 Tewkesbury Cine Club

1991 Vale of Evesham Cine Club

1992 Cotswold Cine Club

1993 Dowty Cine Society

1994 Dowty Cine Society

1995 Wyre Forest Camcorder Club

1996 Worcester Camcorder Club

1997 Dowty Cine and Video Soc.

1998 Worcester Camcorder Club

1999 Tewkesbury YMCA Video         Camera Club

2000 Worcester Camcorder Club

2001 Glos. Cine & Video Club

2002 Worcester Camcorder Club

2003 Cheltenham Video Makers


2005 Worcester Camcorder Club

2006 Worcester Camcorder Club

2007 Bristol Film And Video Soc.

2008 Stroud Video Makers

2009 Tewkesbury YMCA Movie Makers

2010 Bristol Film And Video Soc.

2011 Worcester Film Makers

2012 Bristol Film & Video Soc.

2013 Worcester Film Makers                    

2014 Tewkesbury YMCA Moviemakers

2015 Bristol Film & Video Soc

2016 Bristol Film & Video Soc

2017 Worcester Film Makers

2018 Bristol Film & Video Soc

2019 Tewkesbury YMCA Moviemakers

2020 Bristol Film & Video Soc

2021 Tewkesbury YMCA Moviemakers

2022 Gloucester Film Makers

Click HERE for this year’s results

Paddle for life

Santa’s Special

Coeur de Pierre

Requiem for Caffeine

Malvern Priory Bells

Edward II (Extract)

Herman’s Hermit

Why is America called America ?

The Toilet Roll Song

Stroudwater Restored and Connected

Kids Out.

I don't believe it.I

Flame and the beggar boy.

Pill Boxes Of Gloucestershire

Kenya dawn to dusk.

Four Seasons.......?

A Day In The Kenya Bush

A visit to Gloucester

Survival of the Swan.

Daughter Of The Stars

Reflections of Sabrina.

A Quiet Country Lane.

Vermont's  Permutation

Riding on hot air.

Twinning Farms And Schools

The Bath Buildathon.