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Club Meeting on Youtube and Zoom.  Monday 5th October 7.30pm

This is a members competition night.  

Holiday / Travelogue Competition.


Members should use Wetransfer to send their entries to

In the message field put the Title and the Competition for which the film is entered.

You will be asked to put in a Verification Code which is sent to your email address as specified by you.

Closing date for entries : Friday 2 October 8pm.

On the night

We will begin by watching the films on Youtube and voting.

A link on our website will direct you to the programme of film entries on Youtube and the voting system

Watch all the films and mark them as you would at a club meeting.

(If you want to download a club Marking Sheet then click HERE).

After you have watched all the films go to the Voting system where you will be able to enter your votes online - usual practice - the film you like best is 1, next best 2 etc.

(The Voting link will not be live until all the films have been shown)

Ten minutes after the films have been shown we will set up a  Zoom meeting where the results will be announced.