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GFM in the Community

Gloucester  Film Makers are involved in the community in two particular ways.

Firstly we have a growing library of archive films, some made by our own members and others given to us by people who have made films in the past.

Many of these record aspects of life in Gloucestershire and the rest of the country which are no more to be seen, and therefore represent a valuable record of  bygone days.

Secondly our members are active making video programmes about life today which will form part of the archives of the future.

It would be pointless having and making these films if they were never to be seen  so one of the things we do is run video shows for clubs, societies, schools and any other interested parties.

These can be archive shows or general interest shows or a blend of both. There is a small charge to cover our expenses.

If you are interested in having a show then please contact us (link above)